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About Ms. Beanz

Ms. Beanz was about a year old when we adopted her. She is an American Shorthair, Tortoiseshell cat. We adopted her on June 30, 2010.

On that day, we took Bo to the Delaware County SPCA to help him find a feline friend. We were granted permission to take Bo into the cat room, where we all sat down in the middle of the floor. One by one they released the cats from their crates. Most cats ran away from Bo. Some cats walked past him toward the door to the room. But one cat walked right up to him and they touched noses. That was the cat we took home and named "Ms. Beanz".

Ms. Beanz is very adventurous. She doesn't seem to fear much of anything. We were advised that cats can take a few days to adjust to surroundings and that we should expect her to hide under the bed when we got home. On the contrary, Ms. Beans explored the house room-by-room, appearing to be excited and happy.

She liked Bo immediately and followed him wherever he went. Taking advantage of her attachment to Bo, we took Ms. Beanz on walks with Bo and eventually purchased a stroller for her. Now she travels with us wherever we go.

She likes the canoe, the car, and her stroller. She walks on a leash and is happy being in the center of the action. 

Ms. Beanz is a Certified Therapy Cat


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